Revcontent is known to be the fastest growing native network. Advertising on here means your ads get served on branded sites such as Breitbart, Newsweek, Christianpost, CBS, CNet, Washington Examiner, LiveScience.

The platform is fairly intuitive and self service. You can launch a campaign without any hand holding. We would say that volume is significantly larger in the USA than any other geo with Revcontent.

You can ask support for a repped account and as long as you aim to spend $300+/day. The benefit of having a rep would be to get tailored whitelists/blacklists created for your campaign, new targeting opportunities, recommended bids and campaign strategies. The account managers are very hands on and even happy to do optimisations if you want them to.

If you are self-serve, Revcontent also has a good support page with walkthroughs, it isn’t as in-depth as the likes of Outbrain but it’s still pretty useful.

There is no bulk-upload content upload tool at all, you have to do every single piece one by one which can be pretty frustrating. Again, you can circumnavigate this by using a tool like Brax or The Optimizer (or if you’re super fast you can click the ‘upload’ button several times and it’ll upload several of the same creative instead of just one. That way you only have to change the headline/image of each of the creatives you just uploaded).

If you’re new to native, Revcontent is probably one of the safer places to start, their approval guidelines are slightly more lenient than other networks which means you’ll be able to get going sooner.

Campaign targeting in Revcontent is great. There are several preset Whitelists and Blacklists for you to target including quality tiers. You are also able to create your own targeting lists after doing testing and apply it to any campaign in that account.

The latest update which has caught Revcontent up with Taboola and Outbrain means that you are able to adjust bid on a widget level within the dashboard which you weren’t previously able to.

The only slight annoyance in Revcontent’s reporting is not being able to see publisher names. You can only see widget IDs unless you create a “brand” campaign and then you can target on a publisher group level.

Extra info:

  • Content approval can take up to 24 hours.
  • Time Zone – EST.
  • Currency – $ USD.

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