A market leader in their field, this language-learning app with 1mm+ users was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company. They approached us to improve their revenue through content marketing. 

The goal was broken into a two-stage funnel; first stage was getting users to download the app and second stage was optimising performance to paid users.

We primarily used native traffic to target multiple geos alongside several automated creative A/B tests. A variety of images and headlines was essential in order to get a really good grasp of what users responded to the best; not just in terms of initial engagement with content but conversion to App install and then paid subscription.

Our data team made some in-depth optimisations to hone into which sources engaged the most with the brand’s content. Once we found what worked, we narrowed down on the publishers and placements which were proven to drive the most positive ROI and weighted budgets accordingly.

Results were positive and activity scaled to hundreds of leads a day and thousands of new customers a month, driving over 50% of all content marketing for this language brand within the first 3 months of working together.